Roy T., a budding optician

“My humble prelude to commercial modeling started out during my university term break and had stumbled upon a newspaper recruitment ad. I was then invited for an interview and I was administered with a detailed consultation of the scope of projects from clients and the background of the company. I was still a little skeptical […]

Kya, an editorial, commerical & bridal model

“I was first acquainted with Create Talents when I was being scouted on the streets multiple times before and very often I had to politely reject their offer. I thought Create Talents scam. Back then I was suspicious of the agency’s credibility knowing that there’s underlying monetary commitment. However I was gradually drawn to them […]

Sabrina N., a merchanise display artist

“I believe that much public misconceptions and scrutiny have slashed modeling agencies in Singapore as scheming scams of which I was of no exception either. Create Talents scam? No..When I was scouted by Create Talents, naturally I was more apprehensive than curious. However during their arranged interview, their consultant had smoothly delivered the rules of […]

Jismyl Xiu, feels young at heart

“ A friend of mine had recommended Create Talents to me during a practical assignment for an Employee upgrading course that I took. We were looking for the different interviews that we can participate in and I was brought to Create Talents while coincidentally I was interested to do modeling as well. During the interview […]

Kylie T., an aspiring fashion designer

“I had enjoyed modeling from young as a child ever since my father had signed me up with an agency. The commercial experiences I had exposed me to various fashion shoots and catwalk for children. It was then when my love for fashion started to develop into a passion for design as well. Create Talents […]

Catherine Y., a resident model

“Create Talents scam? No.. My first few months with Create Talents had been really fulfilling as I got to participate in a handful of job calls assigned by my Booker. I didn’t imagine that it would be possible as I was shocked to receive their call for an interview after a scouter had simply approached […]

Kelvin H., a professional subway engineer

“ Modeling has helped me to overcome my camera fears by learning how to look good in front of the lens and after grueling auditions I went through, I became more confident and persuasive in interacting with my friends and superior. I get to know a lot of people too in the advertising industry and […]

Rachel T., a hippie wannabe

“ As much as I enjoy acting, modeling is somewhat similar except that it’s all about the non-verbal communication. It takes a lot of guts and practice to perfect the poses and find the right angles, but it is still fun to experiment with the different facial expressions. The general misconception people have of models […]

Oliver C

“ Freelance modeling has been a fulfilling experience to unravel into the world of acting which is definitely a great way to unwind from my day job. It is exciting to take on different roles and exhibit one’s character through the creative expressions of various media mediums. My background in TV commercials started out in […]

Charlotte Judith

“ I had always wanted to be a model from young as I enjoy being photographed. It was through my brother’s friend who had recommended to join Create Talents as he was a model there too. After a consultation interview, I joined the agency and did up my portfolio. Soon after, I got my first […]

Marcus R

“Being an adventurous junkie and adrenaline seeker, I took up modeling as a way to gain new experiences in exploring what goes on behind the scene for every advertising productions. It is refreshing to be able to experience the different styles of every production houses and distinct personalities of the photographers that I had worked […]

Sufancia, likes hiphop dance

“I had always thought modeling to be no more than pretty faces sashaying down runways. It was after I had joined Create Talents that I had discovered an important aspect of the industry which is commercial modeling. I was quite a shy person and could blush easily at awkward moments. However after meeting major clients […]

Edward, Theatre Works is art appreciation put into action

“I had a really easy time with Create Talents as opposed to my previous encounters with other agencies and there were many projects assigned to me during in the last two years. My Booker had been really understanding and I was impressed with their great customer service. I had garnered a lot of learning experiences […]

Joanne.P , Unafraid and unintimidated

My keen interest in modeling started with an ambition to penetrate the entertainment scene as a singer and modeling has molded me well for future endeavors. Modeling opens me to media themes such as advertisements and events. I had adapted to be comfortable before the camera while fulfilling the guidelines which were meticulously briefed by […]

Freelance Hairstylist

“How I started with Create Talents was when a scouter had approached me on the streets asking if I was interested in freelance modeling. Having acquired experiences from previous modeling openings long before, it is commonly known for most modeling agencies to scout their talents by the streets so I gave my contacts with ease […]

Hanna G. from Germany

Being in Singapore for 2 and a half years now, I have found most Singaporeans to be really friendly and approachable. Likewise for the people at Create Talents whereby I got to know the agency when I was scouted on the streets. The scouter then took down my contacts to arrange for an appointment for […]

Kazuya, loves Singapore hawker food

Traveling all the way from Japan to Singapore, I had only the intentions to seek for a job I would love and to breakaway from the highly stressful corporate culture in Japan. I like the sunny weather here in Singapore compared to Japan and the hawker food is full of Asian flavor. Living here for […]

Michael M. , digs Indie and Rock Alternative

Personally to me, you’re considered ‘lucky’ if people would want ‘a piece’ of you in their photos and that can be a healthy dose of morale boost as well. I would consider freelance modeling as easy and carefree compared to corporate business. Imagine that you are getting paid to have fun and that I think […]

MaryAnn, Loreal Hairshow model

My first modeling assignment started when I had been selected for as a hair show model with Loreal. I would not have been able to ease through the auditions without the detailed briefing by my Booker who went the extra mile to explain the importance of each guideline. The expectation of the clients had been […]

Calla’s Mum (Lillian)

I was introduced to Create Talents while me and my daughter were shopping and I thought it would be worth to check it out. The agency explained to me thoroughly about the procedures and decided this is the agency w e would like to sign up with, thus saving me time to make comparisons with […]

Angelina L’s Mum

The reason why I had my daughter Angelina enrolled into Create Talents because it was such a coincidence that we were scouted on our way out from home and my daughter enjoys being in front of the camera so much that modeling is probably the best opportunity for her talents to be developed. I hoped […]

Winnie T, dreams of opening her own bakery

Modeling was a platform for me to elevate my appearance and wardrobe, a chance which every girl would dream of to look pretty at their prime age in front of a camera. I decided to sign up with the agency in spite of the scam rumors as I was genuinely interested in modeling. The portfolio […]

Patrick T

I could never see myself as a commercial model until I had joined Create Talents who had scouted me twice before I was invited for an interview. It was a new experience and a refreshing deviant from my job as an engineer. In spite of the tight working schedule, I was able to avail myself […]

Elly, enjoys travelling around the world

The first time in my entire life I was scouted was during my mid-thirties while I was walking along Orchard Road after work. The first thought that came to my mind when this young man approached me was ‘not another survey again and I tried to get away from him. Then the scenario changed when […]

Ethan K. Full-Time Accountant

I had moved to Singapore to pursue my full time career as an accountant. As I used to be an events coordinator in Malaysia, I wanted to do something similar in Singapore as a sideline hobby too. I went online to search, discovered a few model agencies that engage models for events and Create Talents […]

Lorne P, Gym Trainer

Create Talents is the first model agency in Singapore to have scouted me and I was deeply flattered by their invitation as I never thought that anyone would actually want me as a model. I had asked my other model friends in Singapore for their opinions about that agency and none of them had any […]